DEAR ALL, Greetings from BCSTechBD Ltd.

We are going to distribute our CHEAPEST & HIGH QUALITY mini Netbook, Laptop, UMPC/MID/SmartPC under 3GNETCOM brand from the first month of the year 2018. Specially designed for the Children of Primary Level Education for their e-Learning purposes.

Prices starting from ONLY BDT TK. 8,500/=
Interested peoples (Guardian and Student) are requested to Contact for Pre-Purchase Order/Booking.
Cell: +88-01926-870894, 01845 91 00 35

WiFi WinCE mini LAPTOP

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GET a 7” WiFi WinCE mini LAPTOP with the full freedom of UNLIMITED earnings! and BIG DISCOUNT! great O…PPORTUNITY waiting for you!
to know more pls. visit or, e-Mail: or, make a call to 01926-870894 (Joher/Shamim)

ICT product Brand by BCStechBD

IT & ICT product Brand names in Bangladesh introduce first time by BCStechBD.

3gNetcom |IT brand| by BCStechBD
MOV Brand in Bangladesh by- BCStechBD
|TOLA| Technology is OPEN, LAPTOP for ALL Bangladeshi

We are planning to branding IT accessories under 3GNetcom abd BCStech brands like- Mouse, Keyboard, Casing, Power Supply, RAM, HDD, etc. Pls. suggest or, give your valuable feedback in this regards. Thank you all.