Literature & Cultural Organization for the Children
Chittagong City, Chittagong.

Savings  & Micro Investment Program

BANDHAN Computer Systems & Technologies Limited.
[registered under RJSC & a Private Limited Company]

BANDHAN Computer Systems & Technologies.
[under Chittagong City Corporation]

BANDHAN Agrocomm Trading & Distributions.
[International Business Development and Indenting Firms]

BANDHAN Kids Computing School.
[Programming School for the Children]

BANDHAN 3G Communications.
[Local ISP and Hosting Service Provider]

CPM Distributions
[Consumer Products Marketing and Distribution House]

Bandhan Social Marketing & Distributions
We the BSMD for Bandhan Social Marketing & Distributions is one of the leading marketing and distributions house in Bangladesh. We have our own distributions channel throughout the country. Our primary business is to source out new innovative product from the world and introduce in our local market for the first time; also engaged in Bulk import-export, supply, trading and indention works for our clients. 10 years experience in the same field gives us over confident and we have professional skilled hand to deal the international business successfully.

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